Thursday, April 2, 2020

Announcement: Open for Story Commissions

Do you have an idea you really, really want to read as a sexy story, a scenario you can't stop thinking about, a premise that keeps you up at night? Would you like me to make it a reality for you, because I'm now open for Story Commissions.

My Rates
Base price: 0.6 cents per word, which is $6 for 1,000 words (USD) up to your chosen length. If I go over that length you get the extra for free!

Minimum length is 1,000 words, which is about two pages, or roughly the length of Quoth the Tentacle: "Nevermore.".

Payment is made through PayPal, with half upfront and half before delivery of the final product.

The base price includes one free edit, with additional edits charged at 10% (0.06 cents USD per word). The base price also includes workshopping the idea beforehand to figure out exactly what will make the story work for you personally, during which process I'll suggest an ideal length. The free first edits are also included to make sure that, for longer works, early excerpts are on the mark and really doing it for you before proceeding. During this process we'll also specify a smut to story ratio, though I do always like to have at least a little story/characterisation, as I feel this makes the smut more tangible and intense. This is because...

What I Will Do
Where I excel is recursive dubious consent: scenarios where a character finds themselves stuck in an unending loop of steadily building pleasure, which they know they should resist, but a growing part of them really doesn't want to.

To this end I prefer writing about a character being the 'victim' of a creature that can't be reasoned with: a tentacle monster, a slime, a robot, etc, though I am willing to go more classically romantic for the right story.

However, I am not willing to go darker: I've tried writing more hard non-con before, and written in roleplays involving a character becoming genuinely scared, upset or hurt, and I simply do not find it sexy. And if I can't find it sexy, how can I expect you to find my writing sexy? So while I'm willing to have a character get more than they bargained for and end up in a situation that's escalating to genuinely out of control, I will not be describing blood, waste products, injury, non-sexual pain or genuine fear.

In terms of other kinks feel free to ask - I am more than willing to write futanari/intersex of realistic proportions and your chosen configuration, as well as anthros, and I can be convinced on some less fluffy kinks such as impact play or urethra play if I can find the right angle to make it work.

That is also the final condition to work taking a commission: the idea needs to resonate with me. I need to be able to find it sexy for the writing to be sexy, and a such I choose my commissions carefully. So if I don't take your commission it will most likely be because I cannot make it work for me, and if it doesn't work for me I can't guarantee I can make it work for you. I will never take a commission if I don't 110% believe I can make it the best possible story for both of us.

Where Can You Read It
Anywhere you like - you're welcome to share the work or post it anywhere, as long as:
a) you include an attribution to me as the author or a link to my website so I can keep getting commissions and keep writing sexy works.
b) you don't use my writing for commercial purposes without my prior written consent. I'm writing this for you, not for you to sell it onwards.

In terms of where I'll post it I will always discuss that with you ahead of time (including whether you'd like to remain anonymous as the commissioner), but will likely include places like right here, again so I can keep taking commissions and writing more works.

Okay, What Now?
Reach out to me at, telling me about your idea, and what makes that idea really work for you, and we'll take it from there.

Hopefully talk to you soon!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Flessik Plant Fanfiction, Part 6

Sensation rushes over you, leaving your hips spasming against the tendrils still held taut in your grip, their row of bumps still tingling all the way from between your cheeks to your pulsing clit. Your breath catches in the aftershocks, full body shivers gripping your body. You want to keep going, can barely keep yourself from doing that again, feeling the nubs sinking into your lips and kissing either side of your clit, desperate to feel them rushing over it again. But your own body is fighting you, your muscles holding taut, reacting like you'd just been injured, your body frozen waiting with all your attention focussed between your legs. Your hips shiver again, even more as, through force of will, you rock your hips forward into another rush of movement.

You groan, your voice coming unbroken through your helpless smile, your hips rocking back and forth all by themselves now, already beyond your control. You can feel the nubs rushing up and down you, rushing through your lips and flicking blissfully over your clit, each one sparking sharp pleasure deep inside. It feels so damn good, so much you can barely take it, your body continually clenching and shaking with each movement, as if trying to stop you, to pull away, all while your hips thrust faster and faster, riding the pleasure as it builds and builds and shudders on the edge of -

You gasp in surprise, and freeze, breathless, your hips stilled, feeling something very new! The back end of the tendrils - the other end to the one you're still grasping before you - has moved. It had seemed content to hold onto you, its nubs rising up and down between your cheeks, feeling indecently good, even more so where its tapered end kissed the nook at the base of your spine, feeling far better than you would ever have expected. But both new sensations now pale in comparison to the sudden, very direct contact of that same tapered end kissing your rear, pressing gently, nestling into you, making you want so much more.

It's the same want you felt when the tips dipped just into your pussy, pressing snugly into your opening, one thrust away from filling the unbearable emptiness inside, that one thrust felt as a physical need you could barely resist. And now you can still feel that emptiness, and worse, you still feel that need to have it filled, now focused on the warm, fleshy tip pressing meaningfully against your rear.

So many emotions fight for control - apprehension at the unfamiliar feeling, more so at how good it feels. Denial at the thought of an alien plant actually entering your body, stronger denial at how desperately you want it to! Your need to cum. Your wonder at how much better your impending orgasm could be if there was something inside you when you came!

Your breath shivers out of you as your hips slide just a further little back into it. You feel the nubs slowly flicking over your clit one after another, and somehow more clearly you feel the building pressure against your rear, a point of mounting firmness pressing into you. You can feel your skin being pushed, feel the tension keeping it closed, your muscles reflexively clenching against the questing tendril. But you've read about this, never tried but wanted to, was curious to. The key was to relax, right, that was the only muscle in the body you had to tense to relax. So... you breathe, force yourself to let go. Oh and lube, you recall, lots of lube, something that was certainly not a problem right now!

You laugh under your breath, the end of the sound shaking as you slide forward again, feeling the delicious flicking over your clit and in time with the easing of the pressure against your rear. Then, breathing deeply once, twice, you concentrating on feeling relaxed, feeling open, and slide back.

"Mmmmmh?" you moan, feeling it pressing into you again, the resistance still felt but much lesser than before. Your muscles seem to be easing, though they clench again as movement tightens your breath out of you, feeling the slick tip moving slightly against your opening. It feels indecently good, the warm slick tendril's movements felt with a disturbing clarity as they carefully explore you, drawing slow, lazy circles against you, just inside you. You make yourself relax, fighting your shaking body to do so, focusing on how good its touch feels as it circles you, round and round, flicks over your opening back and forth, its slick end narrowing to press just inside into a new rush of pleasure. You can still feel the emptiness inside you, so achingly clearly, the feeling now focused on the warm pleasure pressing just inside your body, so close. You still feel the stiff pressure keeping it out, but its so close to being overcome, your body feeling like its teetering on the edge of being entered, being filled, having that warm pleasure slide all the way into you.

Breathing heavily, focusing, wanting, you rock forward... and slide back into it, feeling your skin pressed in and resisting, only to be overcome all at once as it thrusts inside of you.


Monday, October 2, 2017

The Flessik Plant Fanfiction, Part 5

You yelp as the petals tighten around your waist again, now with your hand trapped mid-reach down your front.

You snarl under your breath, about to thrash, then freezing. Gently, tentatively, you flex your trapped fingers, laying ring and index finger down on the tingling skin either side of your clit. You can reach!

Everything else becomes utterly unimportant as, heart pounding in your chest, you lay your middle finger down.

"GH...." the sound that escapes you is more air than voice, your free hand raised awkwardly to your side, held in the rictus of your body as a feeling of sharpest, sweetest bliss pulses down every nerve. You can't move, feeling like you're teetering on the edge of falling, the only thing holding you up the gentlest touch of your fingertip against your clit, turning its aching need into a feeling you see as white hot sparks behind your closed eyes, every miniscule tremble a minor explosion. You can't move, can't breathe - you move your finger, and all your voice leaves you at once in a strangled scream. Your hand has flinched away from your clit but your hips are still bucking, your thighs tensed as if trying to clamp down on the pressure spasming inside you. You're about to cum - and you're even more sure of that as the tendrils suck your nipples again, your impending orgasm surging, you feel yourself teetering, your whole body radiating with your frantic pulse and desperate snatches of breath, waiting for the tendrils to suck just once more and push you over the edge!

Instead, they let go.

You snarl in earnest this time, not caring how animal you sound as your free hand grabs at the retreating tendrils and leaves, all touches darting back from you, leaving you body falling from the edge of an incredible orgasm. Leaving you feeling instead how incredibly hard your nipples are.

You reach across to cover your breasts, not in modesty but in defense against the frigid air felt far too keenly. You gasp at the sudden touch and move more carefully, laying your forearm against one breast and wrapping your fingers one by one over the other, ever so lightly letting the warmth of your skin cover your hard nipples. Now, with that done, you can focus on the tensing ache between your legs, every pulse of blood through your flesh making you unbearably aware of emptiness inside you. If it isn't going to touch you, you'll do it yourse-

"FFAAAAA!" you cry out in shock as you feel it kiss you again, its wet touch dipping into your opening... and further back as well. Two touches, sliding apart as one slides shivering up between your lips, the other sliding up smoothly between your buttocks, your hips shaking in between as the two touches spread over you, one dipping just into your rear just as the other kisses your clit.

"AAAAHAA!" your voice is forced out of smiling lips, feeling the ache turning to pure electric joy, its aftershocks pulsing throughout you long afterwards. You cry out again as the touch moves, sliding back down the front and back of your body, collecting until the two touches nearly meet again - then sliding apart, running up your lips and cheeks and kissing you on both ends at once.

"AHAA-HAAA" you cry, your hips bucking, the pressure pounding against you from the inside. You feel your orgasm so clearly, shaking right up against your skin as the touch slides down to meet again, up your madly tensing lips to another electric kiss, down to collect at your opening behind which your orgasm shakes on the edge of release. Just one more touch, just one more - your whole body tenses as the touches slide apart one final time, rising up you on both sides, your orgasm rising to meet the final kiss that will finally, finally - the touch rises up, and around either side of your clit.

You yell wordlessly in rage, held in check only by the shaking pleasure gripping your body as you feel the touch rising and rising, splitting just before your clit and flowing up to either side of it. You barely have time to mentally curse this demon plant before you're gasping again, as much from your own hand suddenly squeezing your own breast, as from the feeling that caused you to do so. Its touch is still rising up you on either side, sliding up your lips and rear - but in between a new intensity is spreading. Something firmer, more distinct and intense, rising through the wet warm smoothness to leave you shaking and clenching against it. Your mind struggles to comprehend, and its only when the touches finally slow to a stop that you have a chance to try to understand.

You desperately try to take stock, the scientist in you going into overdrive to try and visualize what you can feel holding onto you between your rhythmically shaking legs. You can feel it holding you now, its warm and wet touch cupping your entire vulva, enveloping you all the way from the front of your hips to the groove of your spine. And in between, pressing into your shaking lips - points of firmer pleasure, a row of them pressing deeply between your lips and cheeks. They still feel soft, but tauter, firmer, like... nipples? No that's far too silly. Though describing them as a row of clits pressing into you would be equally silly. Speaking of which... the row of... nubs you decide to call them, their number parts your lips all the way up to just before your own clit. Just to where the smoother touch splits and holds on either side of you.

You could reach in and touch yourself with your fingers again - if you could keep them from shaking so much at the feeling - you gasp as your groin tenses madly at the remembered feeling, pressing the nubs more firmly between your lips. No - no you've got a better, more fitting use for this demonic plant.

You move quickly, your fingers grabbing the two, split ends on your waist. They feel warm and slick in your hand, more liquid than solid, elastically fleshy as you pull them up. You gasp silently as the nubs are pulled up along your vulva, the first of them flicking over your clit. But this only increases your grip on the tendrils, your whole body tensing with incredible strength, as if the pressure compressed in your hips is tensing your every muscle at once.

"My turn!" your voice growls out of you as, still holding it firmly against you, you rock your hips back.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Flessik Plant Fanfiction, Part 4

... and lower again.

You breathe out heavily, your body releasing from a tension you feel only as it leaves you aching, as the kiss lowers down you again. Its warm, tingling touch parts your lips all the way until it dips ever so slightly into your opening, making your breath catch again. Then it rises, your breath groaning out of you as it slides up again, your strained voice shuddering as it nears, closer... and falls again.

"GNAAHAA-" you half groan, half wail. The feeling of it dragging its kiss down your lips, dipping into you, then up, up, up... only to NOT touch you, is, it's - it isn't fair!

The tendrils suck your nipples again, bringing a startled moan out of your involuntarily smiling mouth, momentarily caught in the lingering pleasure as the leaves cup and squeeze your breasts into another satisfying suck. But your smile quickly falls, the sharp pulses of pleasure only illuminating the building agony in your hips. The wet kiss slides patiently up... and down, up... and down, drawing your entire focus with it as you feel all too keenly how close its comes every time, so close, so....

FUCK WHY ISN'T IT DOING IT PROPERLY! You remember with a flood of fondness the feeling of a previous lover, a shockingly adept neo-goth named Lily. Her white hair set off the electric purple of her eyes, smiling up at you from between your legs as her tongue traced sweeping bliss up and down you, much like now. But unlike now, Lily knew just how to flick her tongue up at the end, darting shockingly over your clit, sliding down again and flicking to catch the top of your opening, leaving you shaking all the way back up until you were literally begging for more! And smiling Lily was only too happy to oblige.

But THIS tongue! If it even is a tongue - it doesn't flick at the ends, something you feel with painful disappointment now as you remember Lily. No this tongue feels much rounder, almost like the bulb of a tulip, fitting you perfectly as it dips just inside you, its very end feeling more intensely textured as it rises up between your lips to kiss just shy of your clit. You crane your head to the side, trying in vain to look beneath you - but there is only the flushed pink surface of the petals that hold you. What even is this maddening thing?

As if to confuse you more, a sudden change makes you gasp, and your hands grab onto the tendrils on your nipples for support and making them suck you stronger in reaction, leaving you doubled over panting. Your hips are still shaking in the aftershocks of the sudden movement, the feeling of that textured end suddenly flaring out, spreading its intense touch to reach the sides of your lips. And from there it traces down you again, a different, somehow less satisfying pleasure as it slides down the sensitive grooves between your inner and outer labia, pressing in either side of your opening and spreading you ever so slightly. Then they rise again, up towards your clit, higher, higher, higher than before your body tensing and shaking as you feel them rise past your clit. Past, their touch sliding up on either side of your clit without touching it!

You bare your teeth, hands clenching down on the slick tendrils - "MOTHERF-" but your curse is cut short as the tendrils react by sucking your nipples with equal force, the pleasure so intense and sharp it almost feels like pain, but sending a shockwave of pleasure filing your breasts and shaking lungs. And your breath continues to shake as you feel the twin touches spread your lips a little further open, exposing the emptiness inside to the insubstantial air, before rising up and sliding higher, higher, ever so lightly touching as they past your clit, enough to move the skin around it and make you gasp in joy, then grit your teeth in frustration.

Without even thinking you reach inwards with both hands, your sensitive palms pushed firmly against your stomach as you try to reach inside the bulb. As if to oblige the petals holding your waist shift, unfurling ever so slightly, loosing their hold to let your hands in.

You hesitate. A sudden stillness surrounds your realization. You were nearly able to escape before, when you stood up sharply before the petals could tighten. And now they've loosened again. Your legs tense slightly, testing your footing. Your hands stay holding your stomach, ready to thrust down your waist and bring yourself sweet release. But then what's to stop it tightening again, leaving your hands trapped inside with your achingly hollow groin? Fuck, but you're desperate!

You shudder as the tendrils suck and cup your breasts again, only realizing now that they had stopped. The touches on your vulva had stopped too, hovering either side of your clit, where they start to move, sliding just a little up and down, sliding your own skin up and down over your clit in an intense half-feeling that leaves your hips shaking and bucking madly.

"OH FUCK YOU!" you angrily thrust one hand inside the petals, which instantly tighten over it.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tentacle Shading Tutorial, End

That's everything, every step involved in making this tentacle-girl image from start to finish.

Hopefully you found this useful, or at least informative. I know that when I started I would often give up on images halfway through, because they didn't look any good then, so obviously they weren't going to look any good later. Except that was 100% wrong!

It took me years to realize that making a nicely shaded image is all about passes - layering more shadows and lights and shading and effects one on top of each other, over and over, until a flat image becomes a lushly shaded work.

Of course it also would have helped me to know what layers I should be adding, and hopefully this step-by-step walkthrough will help you get started.

Thanks for reading, sincerely, H

Tentacle Shading Tutorial, Pass 12+

Pass 12+, Final Adjustments

The differences start getting pretty subtle at this point, so I'll include the last image as reference.

You may be thinking 'if the differences are so subtle, why do they matter?' Unfortunately it's these extra little touches that help turn an image from 'okay' to 'wow'. They are about as important as all the previous steps combined.

Anyway, I really liked the way the vignette emphasized the shine of the breasts and drew attention to the now lighter face. So I pushed this further, adding ANOTHER black overlay to the chest and ANOTHER white overlay to the face.

Again this is subtle - look at the darker blues of the chest and the slightly lighter blues of the face. The greater contrast helps separate these two parts, drawing more attention to her face and making her skin look paler and softer. The only problem is that her face became a bit too washed out, her lips too flat and her eyes looking a bit pasted on. So it was time for some makeup.

'Eye shadow' was applied by adding a black-blurre 'Overlay' around the eyes (bringing out the darker blue more), as well as a narrower, blurred black area to help blend the outline of the eyes into the face. Both of these effects helped make the eyes look like less pasted on, more a proper part of her head, shadowed by where her eyebrows would be. This also emphasised the bright colors of her eyes, just like real-life eye-shadow would. It's sometimes useful to ask why particular makeup is used - what purpose does it serve, what is it emphasizing and why. Then you can use these techniques in your work.

Again the edge of this blurred effect was cut off sharply where it extended over the tentacle beside her face (as the tentacle wouldn't be affected by the shadows of her face), using an 'Erase' layer exactly as before.

The lips were also adjusted by adding a dark-red overlay in the middle, underneath the other shading, and only in the middle of the lips. This resulted in a slightly reddish, noticably darker area in the middle of the lips. This was a very common feature of the lip tutorials I referenced earlier, and by having a darker shape in the middle of the lips, the lips look more 3 dimensional (i.e. fuller, softer, more kissable). The darker color also helps make the inside of the lips look wetter as they lead into the mouth, making the line of the mouth look more real.

Next I decided to remove the interior lines of the tendrils (separating pinks from blues), and blur the edge of the color slightly.

I felt this made the tentacles look softer and more organic, more like they were each one, round, smooth shape. This was also quick to do as I'd grouped all the pink parts into one group, so I could change their color all at once and, here, turn off their outlines all at once.

When you're building images that will have many layers and parts, taking the time to name and group them as you go will save you LOTS of time and sanity in the end.

Last but not least, some adjustments. This is an important final part of any image, and will usually involve three specific Adjustment layers to boost the colors and contrast just a little bit more.

The first adjustment layer is called 'Levels' (the same name is used in Affinity, Photoshop, and every other program I've used). There are plenty of tutorials on how to use this adjustment, and I'd recommend spending a few minutes checking one out, because what it does is very useful. A short summary is that, if your image isn't spanning all the available shades (from black to white), then you can stretch its colors out, making them use all available shades, and making your image more vibrant in the process.

The second adjustment is called 'Brightness / Contrast' (again same name across all programs). As the name implies, this controls brightness (how light your image is) and contrast (how visible the difference between shades is). Normally I will use 'Levels' first, then do some small adjustments with 'Brightness / Contrast' to see if can make things pop any more.

And finally there's 'HSL' or 'Hue Saturation Lightness'. This involves three sliders. 'Hue' allows you to make subtle adjustments to all the colors of your image at once (emphasis on subtle - moving the slider more than a few points will turn red to green and make a techno-colored explosion). Then there's 'Saturation', or how vivid the colors are. And finally there's 'Lightness' a duplication of 'Brightness' from 'Brightness / Contrast'.

Usually the final adjustment I'll make here is just playing with 'Saturation' a bit, to see if making the image a little more or a little less saturated makes it look better. Here it didn't, so this step was left out.

Next is... well, the end.

Tentacle Shading Tutorial, Pass 11

Pass 11, Vingette

In the same way that many people consider the Comic Sans font to be the devil, many artists consider a vignette effect to be an overused cliche. However, unlike Comic Sans (which looks terrible), vignette's are overused in art because they are one of the easiest ways to making an image look noticeably better with very little work.

A vignette (pronounced vin-yet) it basically just a circular darkening around the edges of the image.

This helps focus the attention towards the center of the image by making it comparatively lighter. It's one of the many post-processing effects the UDK game development engine includes to make games look more visually compelling and draw attention to the center of the view.

I personally think the best vignettes effects are ones that are subtle enough that they that aren't immediately noticeable. If you notice the vignette, it's failing to do its job of making you pay attention to the center of the image.

Here the vignette used is the same as the above image (a black circle with the middle cut out of it, blurred). In my case the middle is not white, but transparent, and the whole thing is applied over the top as (again) an 'Overlay' layer. This increases the contrast around the edge of the image, helping make the highlights on the arms and breasts shine even more, and making the body darker, helping to draw attention to the lighter face.

But I wanted to push this further, so thence came: final adjustments.